Here’s a list (with links) of all my musings and posts that aren’t technically book reviews.

3 Non-Fiction Books You Need in Your Life – my friend Carly recommends

A Fictitious Murder – A short story by my friend Thom.

Cwtch 22 – Photo.

Death by a Million (paper) Cuts – My opposition to WBN’s 1 million book giveaway.

Edwin Morgan – some words on the death of the Scots Makar.

Faulks on Fiction – Not a book review, a TV review!

Faulks on Fiction 2 – A review of ‘The Lover’ episode.

Gaming in the Red Room – Some links to my other blog, about videogames

He book, she book, me book: e-book – a few thoughts on the e-book, and how it polarises opinion.

Iain Banks 1954-2013

Letter to My First Love

Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2010 – setting myself a challenge.

Overthrow: Peter Stothard and why Blogging is Valuable – A rebuttal.

Postmodern Idiosyncrasies – re: a friend’s blog.

Running for Cover – A series of entries/doodles about cover art.

One               Four



Signifying into the Future – How can buildings “mean”?

Something Old – an old rant about standardised spelling.

Tomcat’s Bookerthon: a conclusion – My final thoughts on the 2010 Booker Prize.