About Me

Hello, my name is Tom, I live in a many-syllabled part of rural Wales.

This room has red walls.

I am 29.

I tweet here: @Tomcat_Redroom

I studied English Lit at St Catharine’s College Cambridge, and started this blog as a way to keep my hand in with literary criticism and the like. I mostly write about SFF/Horror/Weird Fic. Occasionally comics. Occasionally theatre.

Elsewhere, I’ve had some stuff published over at Strange Horizons, namely this review of Glimmerglass by Marly Youmans, and this one of Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds.
I also co-wrote  the bafflingly-popular fan fiction ‘Could They Beat Up China Miéville?‘ with my friend Thom.
Here’s a joke:
What’s it called when Professor Plum is the murderer, but you’ve been roleplaying him as an ineffectual oaf?
Cluedonarrative dissonance.