The 3 non-fiction books you need in your life

Although I read a fair amount of non-fiction (especially recently), I tend not to write about/review any of it on my blog. Why is this you ask?  I’m not sure – it’s probably because fiction is so much my writerly comfort zone that reviewing non-fic scares the bejeezus outta me.  Also, I tend to read non-fic subject matter that I’m a complete amateur/beginner in, and hence have zero frame of reference from which to make points of comparison/criticism, and so reviewing such books would be kinda disingenuous.

Carly, however, doesn’t seem to have this problem, and writes equally brilliantly about non-fic as she does about… pretend stuff:

They say you can learn a lot about a person from the possessions they’d rescue if their house was burning down. For the purposes of this post, I think the same holds true if you replace ‘possessions’ with ‘books’, ‘rescue’ with ‘didn’t sell’, and substitute moving abroad for the whole burning house thing.

Scanning our sparsely-populated shelves here in our SF flat, here’s what I have learned: a surprising number of my non-fiction books accompanied me onto US soil. So, in honour of these brave little pioneers, here’s my recommendations for three non-made-up books you have to read:…..

Intrigued? (you should be!) Click here to find out which 3 books Carly insists that you read: Teacup in the Bay: 3 non-fic books you need in your life.

Go on. click!


3 responses to “The 3 non-fiction books you need in your life

  1. I haven’t read a single one of those recommendations but as I am opening my mind more to the joys, well the interest, of non-fiction I will have to hunt some of these down. Mary Roach makes non fiction utterly readble and enjoyable, mainly on science (but the fun bits like death, sex, ghosts, what happens if you throw up in space – in a space suit, etc) she is definitely worth a try.

  2. I’ve not read any of them either. But The Devil in the White City sounds great and I will have to read it asap. Thanks for the recommendation

  3. Excellent idea. I should read more nonfiction, i don’t read any anymore. But a few people have told me how good Into the Wild is. The recommendations are stacking up, i can’t cope with all these!

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